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FactoryAMTmetalTech as the leading metallurgy company, professionally provides Top Quality Patent Nickel Amorphous+Nanocrystalline Powders NanoX 8-25um and 15-45um for HVAF or HVOF Thermal Spraying as well as 2-10um powder for long small tube inside ID coating, Better Corrosion Resist than Hastelloy C276 and In625, HV700-900, 1000℃ Abrasion Resist, 50um Coating Airtight Low Cost replacing Nickel Clad Ground Tube; Patent Ferro Powder NanoC Better Corrosion than 316L and HRC52 for Speed Laser or PTA Cladding replacing Chrome Plating; Super Abrasion Resist Tungsten Carbide Cemented Hardmetal Brazing Quick Assembly Clad Plate / Tube or Stirring Blade and Mud Pump Liner, Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter PDC Brazed Bearings and Shanks by Diffusion Bonding with Hardmetal etc. We are in the USA, Europe and Japan market all for more than 20 years. AMTmetalTech as the World Leading supplier of Solutions for Severe Corrosion and Cavitation, Super Abrasion and High Temperature 1000℃ Resist, our philosophy is Respect Customers As What We Want by Ourselves. You can feel our HONESTY, RESPECT, LI...