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FerroTiC Brake Disc Cladding


Cavitation Resist Cladding D

Speed Laser Cladding Powder C

Light Hardmetal Tile / Braze C

DiamondBearing/PDC Bonding

ID HVOF Powder/CoatedTubeSG


About AMT

Factory AMTmetalTech is producing Top Consistent Quality World Lowest Price HDH Titanium Powders & Sintered Forge better performance than HIPping; Raney Nickel Aluminum Powder Catalyst for Electrolytic Hydrogen Cathode Plasma Spraying; Tungsten Carbide Brazing Ropes; Hafnium Wire for Plasma Cutting; Tantalum Ta & Niobium Nb Powders and Bars; FerroTiC Powder for Brake Disc Weld Overlaying; Gas Atomized Powders including Meticulously Crafted MCrAlY, NiAlMo, Inconel, Stellite, CoCrMo, Duplex Stainless Steel etc. for Binder Jet 3D Printing, Thermal or Cold Spraying, Speed Laser or PTA Plasma Cladding; Weld Overlay Elbows; Super Abrasion Resist Tungsten Carbide Cemented Light Hardmetal Brazing Quick Assembly Clad Plate / Tube or Stirring Blade and Mud Pump Liner, Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter PDC Brazed Bearings and Shanks by Diffusion Bonding with Hardmetal etc. We are in the USA, Europe and Japan market all for more than 25 years. AMTmetalTech Patent Amorphous + Nanocrystalline HVOF Thermal Spraying Powder NanoA is one quarter Volume Cost of Tungsten Carbide. NanoA Powder coating is be...