Titanium Powder Forge MFR

Top Quality World Lowest Price MCrAlY Powder, Raney Nickel Powder, Titanium Powder Forge, Nickel Aluminum Powder, Weld Overlay Elbow


AMTmetalTech Production and Inspection Facilities

AMTmetalTech is Gas Atomizing of Titanium, MCrAlY, NiAlMo, Inconel, Stellite, Steel Powders for Thermal or Cold Spraying, Laser or PTA Plasma Cladding, 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, Metal Injection Molding MIM etc. 

          Gas Atomizing Powder Production              Powder Size Gas Classify Machine

AMTmetalTech MCrAlY Nickel Aluminum Gas Atomizing Powder Production AMTmetalTech MCrAlY Nickel Aluminum Powder Classify Machine

                 Powder Molding Pressers                              Powder Isostatic Pressers

AMTmetalTech Automatic Powder Parts Presser AMTmetalTech Titanium Ti64 Powder HIPping Hot Isostatic Pressing

Powder Sintering Vacuum Furnace & Multi-directions Isotemperature Mold Forging

AMTmetalTech Titanium Ti64 Powder Sintering Vacuum Furnace AMTmetalTech Titanium Ti64 Powder Sintered Forge better than HIP Hot Isostatic Pressing

             Laser Granulometry Apparatus                            Powder Microscope

AMTmetalTech Laser Granulometry Apparatus AMTmetalTech Powder Microscope

Please send us email to export@AMTmetalTech.com about HDH Hydride-dehydride Titanium Ti64 Powder Sintered Forge Superior than HIP Hot Isostatic Pressing, Gas or Water Atomized Additive Manufacturing Powder Bed Fusion / MIM / Binder Jet 3D Printing Cobalt / Vehicle or Car Part, Nickel Aluminum Alloy NiAlMo Catalyst / Inconel In625 / Stellite / MCrAlY / CoNiCrAlY / NiCoCrAlY / Ti 6Al 4V / Duplex Stainless Steel & 316L or Agglomerated Sintered WC-10Co-4Cr / WC-12Co / Cr3C2-NiCr / Molybdenum Spherical Powder for HVAF / HVOF Thermal or Cold Spraying and Speed Laser Cladding or PTA Clad Weld Overlay Elbow, FerroTiC for Brake Disc, Tungsten Carbide Brazing Rope, Hafnium Wires / Rods for Plasma Cutting from Crystal Iodide Hafnium Bar, Tantalum Ta & Niobium Nb for Alloy Melting, Amorphous Fine Powder Tube Inside ID Spraying replacing Chrome Plating for severe Erosion Cavitation high temperature abrasion resist of Cylinders / Pistons / Roller / Screw Rotors / Valve / Stirrer Blade / Hydro Turbine Runner; Hardmetal Cemented Clad Mud Pump Liner / Pipe / Sleeve / Glass Mold / Tile / Super Wear Plate; PDC Diffusion Bonding, Diamond Bearing etc.