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Top Quality World Lowest Price Metal Alloy Plasma Atomizer or Vacuum Gas Atomizing Device System VIGA, EIGA, MIGA, Rotating Disk


Top Quality World Lowest Price Metal Alloy Powder 

Vacuum Plasma Gas Atomizing Device Systems

AMTmetalTech Metal Inert Gas Atomizer MIGA AMTmetalTech Vacuum Inert Gas Atomizer VIGA AMTmetalTech Electrode Induction Gas Atomizer EIGA

                       Metal Inert Gas Atomizer                                       Vacuum Inert Gas Atomizer                                Electrode Induction Gas Atomizer


AMTmetalTech Plasma Atomizer PA AMTmetalTech Rotate Disk Atomizer RDA AMTmetalTech Powder Plasma Spheroidization PPS

                               Plasma Atomizer                                               Rotating Disk Atomizer                                     Powder Plasma Spheroidization

AMTmetalTech Top Quality World Lowest Price Metal Alloy Powder Vacuum Plasma Gas Atomizing Device Character

AMTmetalTech machinery technical team possesses sufficient experience in mechanical and electronic control for the Metal Alloy Powder Atomizing Devices, combined with AMTmetalTech metallurgical team experience in Metal Alloy Powder production.

AMTmetalTech is manufacturing Metal Alloy Powder quality Atomizing Device including Vacuum and Plasma Gas Atomizer, which can produce wide Metal alloy range and different sizes Metal Powder of few satellite powder, high sphericity, low Oxygen and Impurities, and work continuously stable, powder size high pass rate and economical, safe and high efficiency.  

Atomizing Type

Feed Stock

Raw Powder Capacity

Main Alloy Type

Oxygen, Nitrogen for 15-53um

Powder Size

Powder Size Pass Rate

Overall Recyclable

1. MIGA Metal Inert Gas Atomizing


50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 1000kg Fe per   Melt. 1-3 hours per Furnace

Fe, Ni, Co, Cu Alloys etc. Melting under 1700

O≤0.15%, N≤0.15%

5-25um, 15-53um, 45-150um etc.



2. VIGA Vacuum Inert Gas Atomizing


50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg Fe per Melt. 2-3   hours per Furnace

Fe, Ni, Co, Cu, Al, Mg Alloys etc. Melting under   1700

O≤0.15%, N≤0.05% for Al/Mg. O≤0.05%, N≤0.05% for others.

5-25um, 15-53um, 45-150um etc.



3. EIGA Electrode Induction Gas Atomizing


D(30-50)*L(600-800)12pcs. Or 60kgTi/2.5h

Ti Alloys etc. melting under 2000

O≤0.15%, N≤0.05% for Ti

5-25um, 15-53um, 45-150um etc.



4. PA Plasma Atomizing for Fine Powder

Wire, Powder, Molten

D3.2mm Wire 50kgTi/h

Fe/Ni/Co/Cu/Ti/Al/Mg. W/Mo/Ta/Zr.   GaN/AlN/Si3N4 etc.

O≤0.15%, N≤0.05% for Ti/Al/Mg. O≤0.05%, N≤0.05% for others.

50-150nm, upto 15-53um



5. RDA Rotating Disk Atomizing



Cu, Al, Mg Alloys etc. Melting under 1200

Refer to MIGA or VIGA

5-25um, 15-53um, 45-150um etc.



6. PPS Plasma Powder Spheriodization



Mo/WC/Nb/Zr/Cr/WC-Co Alloys etc. melting 1700-2900

O≤0.05%, N≤0.05%

5-25um, 15-53um, 45-150um etc.



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